The calling card of the ignorant

7 06 2008

In their never-ending drive to slowly transform the United States into a dystopia, the morons now use scientific terms to try to prove their point, banking on the ignorance of their audience.

Aside from the ridiculous assertions about how planets spinning the ‘wrong way’ disproves the Big Bang theory (what!?!), the big claim put forth by many creationists (read: crazy bozos) is that of thermodynamics and how it ‘disproves’ evolution. For those fortunate enough to be unaware of this line of attack, the basic thrust of creationists is that the second law of thermodynamics says that the universe is traveling towards more entropy and because of this, life cannot arise since it allows for more complex life.

Sounds logical enough to confuse those who have no experience with science, and sadly the argument is prevalent. Instead of showing myself how monumentally wrong this understanding of thermodynamics is, I’ll just post a video of someone who has already done it:

I guess the creationists forgot about the Sun.